Our Services

We value our clients and the opportunity to work co-operatively with them to resolve their home dreams and/or issues. We invite you to contact us directly to discuss your personal situation and any advice or services that we may be able to provide.



Because remodeling your bathroom is often one of the more difficult yet most important upgrades you ever make to your home,  Bartello Contracting can provide the style, materials, & professional touches that will transform your dream bathroom into reality. We replace your existing parts with new, upgraded materials. Our bathroom remodeling service helps you compare floors and counter tops, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, cultured marble vanities and shower options for walls, ceramic tile.

To ensure that we create the bathroom you’ve always wanted, Bartello Contracting offers competitive prices and the best materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers.


The quality and attention to detail we put into our work is more than most require, and you can see the pride we take in our work. We want your painting project to look great and last for many seasons to come. When you’re in need of a good paint job, never underestimate the importance of hiring the right contractor.

Not many people realize how much goes into a truly professional, long-lasting paint job. There is a major difference, for instance, between painting on wood and on metal, or between painting a home and an industrial plant. Every individual job requires a unique set of skills, products and premium equipment.

Framing and Drywall

Bartello Contracting provides drywall installation & finishing well above industry standards. All of our drywall is screw-applied whether installed over metal studs or wood framed members. Regular square corners or bull-nose corners may be applied.

Our smooth wall finish is top-of-the-line as is our many machine & hand applied textured finishes. Material delivery & stocking, protection, & clean-up are included in our services. All tools, equipment, scaffolding, & lifts for Superior work are also included.


Bartello Contracting is happy to offer a wide range of services to both residential and commercial customers. Those services include spray-in-place soy based polyurethane foam, closed cell and open cell, all borate stabilized cellulose, spray-in-place, blow-in, drill and fill, dense pack, denim batts and more.


You might get lucky in finding the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted when you buy, but most homeowners wind up finding issues with the functionality and or appearance after they’ve moved in.

It’s time to convert your kitchen to give it the appearance, storage and configuration that you’ve always wanted. We have all of your remodeling needs covered, from simple projects like cabinet refacing to complete gut-renovations.

Fences and Decks

We place a high value on collaboration with clients, as it is the key to creating a functional and beautiful design that is tailored to home environment and each client’s unique style, and building an environment that is comfortable for you to spend time and enjoy for years. We have experience in the design and installation of decks, patios, and Fences.

We provide a number of custom solutions that fit our client’s specific needs so that they can enjoy the full range of Ontario’s outdoor weather.

Baseboard and Trim

Updating baseboard and trim is a delicate option to blend the seam of the floor to the wall. Typically done with wood, the baseboards can be finished in a variety of ways and have intricate or even simple designs inscribed on them.

Baseboards are an excellent addition to any room and Bartello Contracting specialists can perform installation, replacement, or repair as needed


When it comes to residential no project is too small. We have demolished yard sheds, restrooms, single rooms to complete house tear downs. There are many reasons why a home or other residential structure may require demolition, but if it does, it is important that the job be done right. We can complete jobs even in tight spaces giving you the best possible results.

Whether you have a compete tear down or a selective demolition job, we have the skills and equipment to get things done. Moreover, we keep your site neat and tidy during the process. This is especially important in a residential area where there may be many passersby.

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